Team development is a big deal! And it’s what we do.

Our greatest organizational resource is the people who make up our teams. People also happen to be the most complicated part of leading and developing an organization. Every tool we can muster to increase our understanding of people’s motivations, skills, and personal fulfillment is a step forward in giving people the best opportunities to bring their best selves to the organization.

The Advantage Mill is here to help. We clarify what motivates you and your team, demonstrate new understanding of your team, and equip your organization for higher achievement.

Let's unlock your staff together!

Clarify. Demonstrate. Equip.

We solve people problems and mysteries!

For sure, sometimes we need to solve people problems and poor performance. Those are the obvious times that The Advantage Mill can help. But, what if you think things are going great? Can your people do better? We think so, because better understanding and fulfillment leads to better performance.

A note from Al

For a long time, I’d sit at my desk wondering if there wasn’t something better for me out there. I finished an MBA thinking that would help me, and while it has, there was another mystery for me to figure out.

I realized that a better understanding of what motivated me and the things that fuelled me were really important to understand. There were times I felt ill-equipped to do the things I thought I should be able to. These things affected my ability to perform.

Maybe you feel the same way…or maybe some of your team members do. Study after study shows that fulfilled and motivated employees make a positive difference for the organization. Like me, you may find that discovering these things about yourself and your team could make a profound difference to you personally, and organizationally.

The Bottom Line

Satisfied employees are motivated employees. Investing in your teams through The Advantage Mill demonstrates value for your teams and lets them know you want the best for them. As the old saying goes, you don’t know what you don’t know, and if you don’t know how much better your teams can be, you don’t know how much money you are leaving on the table!

Taking Advantage…

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