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Simply put, happy team members are better performing team members. The Advantage Mill helps clear the way to fulfilled and energized team members. Currently using two tools, The Six Types of Working Genius and The Birkman Assessment. The Advantage Mill provides channels to a better performing staff.

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What is The Working Genius?

Based on Patrick Lencioni’s and the Table Group’s research, the Six Types of Working Genius is a fresh look at individuals and teams and how they work. Each project, job, or organizational goal can be broken into six categories. Each category is a necessity for the successful achievement of a goal. The Six Types of Working Genius breaks these categories down for each of us. Two elements are our Working Genius, the place we love to live and work. Two elements are our Working Competencies; these categories don’t recharge our batteries or energize us, but we can do them and succeed. The final two elements are our Working Frustrations, and these elements drain us and contribute to burnout.

The Genius categories are different for everyone, and knowing your employees’ and teams’ Genius, Competencies, and Frustrations will give the ability to get people in the roles where they will shine most.

Make arrangements to complete a Six Types of Working Genius assessment with The Advantage Mill. We will provide in-depth debriefing on what the data mean for you and your organization, and how to get the best of your staff to set a new performance reality!

What is the Birkman?

The Birkman Assessment, created in 1951, provides an insightful and accurate view of an individual’s motivation, self-perception, social perception, and mindset. Over the years it has evolved along with the business and social worlds to become a premier tool in the effort to understand people better.

The Birkman shines a bright light on peoples’ motivations and their needs. Understanding these elements lets us see how to bring out the best in your team members.

How Does the Birkman Work?

We will send a link to the assessment questionnaire which will take about 30 minutes to complete. After the results have been correlated and organized we will provide you with your report and will review the results with you over the course of two debriefings at about one hour each. You’ll be surprised at the eye-opening insights the Birkman provides.

The Birkman works for Teams!

When individual members of a team complete Birkman assessments, the combined results can have tangible results on the team’s performance. Shining light on best communications, tasks, meeting organization, and motivators designed to turn a team into an experience that allows members to get and give their best.

After individual assessments are debriefed, we will gather the entire team together and integrate their results. We will demonstrate how people communicate, better ways to handle detail communication, or meeting types and length. The result is more effective team interactions, better team meetings, and better performance.

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